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The transportation experience of Lee Harris Pomeroy Architects arises from decades of work on New York City’s extensive subway system and stations, and in planning new transit systems overseas. In New York City, with its existing systems, the firm is known for a careful approach that combines conservation and innovation. Our initial research may outline areas where the original design has been compromised, and where suitable, suggest ways of restoring the architectural character. Wherever possible, we seek to save original features, especially when those features contribute to the overall character of the facility, such as our restoration of the original copper roof at the landmarked Grand Central Terminal.

The firm has worked on a number of subway stations for the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority. Throughout this work the firm has maintained a notable record of distinguished collaborations with artists engaged in the agency’s Arts for Transit program. Art installations at our station rehabs have included historic tile restorations at the award-winning 14th Street/Union Square Station, custom ceiling treatments at Fulton Street Station and lyrical, allusive mosaic installations at 66th Street/Lincoln Center Station.