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New York, NY

LHPA was commissioned by NYCDOT to provide architectural and preservation design services for the restoration of the historic enclosed masonry warehouse spaces constructed below the Manhattan Approach to the Brooklyn Bridge with costs esti¬mated at $125 million. Brooklyn Bridge is a National Historic Landmark with exceptional significance to New York City. Designed by John Roebling and finished shortly after completion of the bridge in 1883 to house commercial warehouses serving the East River shipping industry, the mas¬sive masonry structures have suffered from severe deterioration and limited maintenance since being abandoned in the early 1960s.

A preliminary investigation and assessment of one section of the series of vault¬ed structures was completed by LHPA. The recommendations from this study, called for the restoration of the entire Manhattan Approach struc¬tures in conjunction with major repairs to the bridge structure itself. In addition to restoration of deterio¬rated masonry walls and floors, the interior spaces required stabilization and a complete ret¬rofit to meet modern seismic design criteria.