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New York, NY (10,000 SF)

A landmarked prewar loft building in SoHo is the home of Lee Harris Pomeroy Architects. The tall, linear space of 10,000 square feet is designed to maximize efficiency while keeping intact the essential character of the space. The building’s original cast iron columns are used to define a main open corridor that runs the length of the offices and helps organize the adjacent work areas. The columns also facilitate the expansive open area of the loft space and further inspire other design detailing within the larger space.

The offices are designed to give workstations full access to the large south windows while maintaining an element of privacy where necessary.

A palette of basic materials in distinctive finishes and treatments is used to create a design-oriented work environment. Lighting also serves as a crucial element, illuminating the nave of the office with innovative fixtures inspired by the Chinese “wok” and nearby Chinatown. The space creates a warm, inviting and inspiring workplace for the design firm that created it.