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New York, NY (11,000,000 SF)

Lee Harris Pomeroy’s proposal for the World Trade Center site included a public plaza in the spirit of the Piazza San Marco in Venice and other major public spaces. Rather than high-rise towers, this proposal embraced a low building surrounding a public plaza that included the foot print of the original World Trade Center and a memorial amphitheater stepping down into the site surrounded by elements of the original structure. The buildings surrounding the urban plaza would be 22 stories high and suitable for office, cultural and residential uses. The project could be built sequentially, as the need arose. The buildings would have 11 million SF of space, as did the original World Trade Center and other proposals for the site. These buildings would relate to the public plaza visually with a rooftop park surrounding the plaza and a focused iconic tower – a modern day iteration of the Campanile in Venice. Shops would line the plaza along with an entrance to the train station and access to a lower level train station connecting to the New Jersey commuter lines as well as access to the Fulton Transit Center, two blocks away.