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Hainan, China

On Hainan Island in the South China Sea, the resort area of Sanya is a lush tropical environment and an established vacation destination. LHPA is creating a new waterfront hotel with 400 rooms, a conference center of 150,000 square feet, a 300-unit apartment complex in five towers, and retail spaces. All are being designed to cater to the Chinese vacationers who visit the resort.

In keeping with Chinese feng shui tradition, the complex is organized as a horseshoe shape that is open to the mountains to capture “good will.” The buildings are staggered in size to reduce their magnitude and to further facilitate the flow of beneficial spirits in accordance with Chinese traditions. A large lagoon and botanical garden in the center of the complex provides in interior focal point and outdoor recreation area. The design also assures that ever room has a good view, whether it faces inward toward the courtyard or outward toward the sea.